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Dr. Williams’ Experience


When many of my colleagues and patients started reporting excellent results—from small to very significant—with CBD oil years ago, I decided I had to try some despite the fact that none really tested well using my Matrix Reflex Testing (MRT) energetic testing method.


Unfortunately, the results were disastrous! Even just 1 drop of CBD oil made me feel bad and typically resulted in increased fatigue, brain fog, and even dizziness. I tried every brand I could but they all felt toxic and disturbing to me.


However, where there’s smoke there’s fire. Thus, I kept thinking that there must be something to this herbal remedy since so many people were experiencing benefits. Therefore in 2017 I decided to make my own and designed it for super-sensitive people like myself. Using the MRT method to determine the best way to PhytoDetox® organic hemp buds, the most gentle but effective extraction method, and the most optimally-testing organic olive oil from Tuscany, I developed my own “Organic Tuscany Gold” CBD oil and began to test it out. 


The results were dramatic. Despite some significant detoxifying symptoms the first few weeks that I mitigated with Activated Bamboo Charcoal (ABC), I felt stronger both physically (no fatigue at the end of the day and my sleep was profoundly deeper) and mentally (my thinking was clearer and I felt more confident and assertive). After these personal positive effects, and with equally good reports from patients and colleagues, I launched the Organic Tuscany Gold (OTG) website in 2018. However, the next year my Colorado farmers instituted a new policy where I would have been required to buy excessively large amounts of their organic hemp, and this just wasn’t possible with this small-batch crafted remedy. Therefore, in the latter part of 2019 I was forced to stop producing this OTG CBD oil and shut down the website.


Recently however, I was able to team up with a very knowledgeable holistic health colleague in Berkeley who had found an excellent source of CBD on a hemp farm in the mountains of Oregon. After much work testing and reformulating this herbal remedy, we were able to relaunch the website with a new version of the Organic Tuscany Gold in 2022. 


This new and improved CBD oil tests even better energetically than the first version using both MRT and kinesiological methods, as well as clinically on myself, patients, and colleagues. Further, instead of three different strengths that I had offered before which could be confusing to some, I have decided to simplify the product by formulating just one strength, but provide specific instructions on dosages to fit the full range of sensitivity. That is, very sensitive and/or weak individuals might want to begin with just 1 drop a day, while more robust and stronger individuals experience the best results with a dropperful per day.


I look forward to hearing how you do on this new remedy, and also would appreciate it if you participate in my research study!   

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