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Last time I checked the NIH hadn’t knocked on my door and offered me a grant to research the effects of the Organic Tuscany Gold CBD oil. Unfortunately, they only tend to do that for drug companies or universities, and only then for the purposes of determining the benefits of various pharmaceutical medications. 


Excuse the sarcasm, but it gets tiring being the butt of what I like to call the “double rape”.* That is, first of all governmental agencies, universities, and conventional medicine rarely fund research to study the effects of natural supplements and remedies. But then, to add insult to injury, these same groups typically demonize supplement companies as well as holistic practitioners in the media as “not being scientific.” 


In order to help make a dent in this ongoing travesty I am asking that all of you who have the time and are currently experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain, and/or sleep disorders, to please fill out the appropriate questionnaire(s) cited below before you begin on the Organic Tuscany Gold (or the ABC). Then, if you could put a reminder in your calendar, fill it out again (without looking at your answers on the first questionnaire) one month after you have started this remedy. Then please email or mail it to me so I can tabulate the findings and periodically post them under this “Participate in OTG CBD Research” section of the website. Thank you so much for your time and help in this clinical pilot study!

* Or more exactly, “the other double rape,” since victims of violent rape not only undergo the initial singular horror of this soul-crushing crime, but later the double brutality of aggressive defense lawyers who try to trick them and misrepresent the facts if they decide to go to trial.



Anxiety Questionnaire

Depression Questionnaire

Fatigue Questionnaire

Pain Questionnaire

Sleep Questionnaire

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