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Organic Tuscany Gold Sensitive Formula

This low THC cannabidiol hemp remedy has been formulated with particular care for sensitive individuals.. It is also recommended for those who have had adverse reactions to CBD oil in the past, and are afraid to try any other too-concentrated brands that are so prevalent nowadays.


Dosage Suggestions

Begin with one drop** under the tongue, at least twenty minutes away from food, one-to-two times a day. Exceptionally sensitive individuals should begin with one drop diluted in a ½ cup glass of water, and take one teaspoon of this mixture under the tongue, one time a day. Skip a day or two if you feel any healing reactions, and take one ABC–Activated Bamboo Charcoal cap before bed every night or every other night. ABC helps bind any endogenous toxins and inflammatory by-products that can be released through the action of the OTG Sensitive Formula.


**One drop of the Organic Tuscany Gold Sensitive Formula contains approximately .011 mcg of CBD. The 1-ounce Miron glass bottle contains 5 mg of CBD. This includes the full spectrum of CBD cannabinoids, terpenes, antioxidants, and other naturally-occurring phytoconstituents. The certified lab analysis also revealed negligible levels of THC (much less than .3%).

Organic Tuscany Gold Sensitive Formula