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Both Organic Tuscany Gold formulas have been made according to the "start low, go slow" approach. This is especially true in the case of the gentle Sensitive Formula. 

A good analogy of this more conservative approach to healing is that you would not feed someone who has been starving for weeks a 5-course meal right away. In the same way, it just makes logical sense to not prescribe a high dose of CBD oil, when most of us have been deficient in this important cannabidiol-like neurotransmitter for most, if not all, of our lives. 

This more natural healing principle is especially germane today in light of the fact that toxic vaccines and gut-damaging antibiotics as well as toxic foods and excess sugar in childhood have significantly depleted our immune system functioning and impaired our liver’s ability to effectively detoxify. In fact, this toxic past history has rendered most of us as functionally autoimmune—whether we have been diagnosed with a particular autoimmune disease or not—and therefore we have more difficulty fully healing as adults.

For the great majority therefore it is best to begin gently in order to slowly but surely replete our body’s natural cannabinoid system over time. Many knowledgeable holistic physicians and practitioners have learned this healing principle the hard way when their high doses of concentrated remedies backfire and overwhelm their patients’ systems, causing excessively inflammatory and aggravating reactions.

Thus, the twentieth century’s allopathically-influenced megadose mechanistic model just does not work, especially in the case of the those who have been weakened by pharmaceutical drugs and manufactured foods. It is clearly most optimal to gently nudge our immune and nervous systems back to normal functioning slowly over time. 

The Organic Tuscany Gold herbals were formulated specifically for this low-dose, conservative approach, through the use of organically-grown hemp plants that are cold-extracted and meticulously prepared using the unique PhytoDetox® process, and gently diluted in organic extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany, Italy.

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