Organic Tuscany Gold CBD is a low THC cannabidiol hemp oil that is grown and processed with particular care for sensitive individuals who require better-than-organic supplements, as well as for those who struggle with chronically disturbing symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety, depression, cognitive impairment, and muscle and joint pain.

Summarized in the following list below is what makes this remedy remarkably unique:  


  • Organic Tuscany Gold (OTG)—is grown on an organic craft farm located in the mountains of Oregon on the edge of a pristine 30-acre nature reserve by hemp farmers with over 20 years of experience. These plants are cultivated in living soil and hand watered with compost teas, yielding a particularly terpene rich-CBD oil.                

  • OTG uses a new and innovative PhytoDetox® method in which the naturally-occurring plant toxins are reduced while the phytonutrients are strengthened. This combination detoxification and nutrient-enhancement technique developed by Dr. Louisa Williams renders this supplement equally bioavailable and gentle on sensitive digestive and immune systems.                 

  • OTG CBD oil is gently extracted at low heat with organic coconut oil mixed with sustainably sourced red palm oil. Unlike many CBD manufacturers, chemically extracted and fractionated liquefied (medium chain triglycerides) MCT oil is not utilized                       

  • When disturbing “obstacles to cure” such as pesticides, phytotoxins, and MCT Oil are removed, a little bit of an organically-grown and carefully prepared product goes a long way. Therefore, reducing the OTG oil by diluting it in organic virgin olive oil from Tuscany has been found to render the most optimal remedy by reducing the often too- strong healing effects that many concentrated CBD oils can engender.                         

  • Every step of this process has been energetically tested by Dr. Louisa Williams using both kinesiology and her Matrix Reflex Testing (MRT) methods. This includes the testing of each ingredient, the exact ratio of each ingredient and their synergistic effects together, the best extraction technique, and the most optimal PhytoDetox® method possible.

  • This OTG CBD oil has been clinically tested as well by Dr. Louisa Williams, her colleagues, and her patients, in order to determine the most effective dosages and which symptoms respond most beneficially to this supplement.

  • OTG has been further tested by an independent laboratory that has found with a certified analysis of negligible levels of THC (must be less than .3% THC), and containing significant levels of CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN and other cannabinoids, as well as flavonoids and other antioxidants, and terpenes. See the lab report document.

  • Details matter! OTG is bottled in Miron glass that blocks degrading light frequencies and thus preserves oil and delays its rancidity. This amazing glass has been further shown to increase the energy of water, which it also does for vitamins, herbs, and this CBD oil. 

  • All Details matter! Ever wonder how they get those plastic seals around vitamin bottles? It’s with a heat gun. Yes—these manufacturers who tout the purity and potency of their supplements expose their vitamins and herbal remedies to heat to seal the bottle top. (You’d never catch a homeopathic remedy with a plastic seal at the top; they know better and understand that preserving the energy of their remedies is sine qua non.) Our OTG oil bottles use a tamper-proof barbell sticker that adheres to the cap and the bottle so we never have to expose this carefully made CBD oil to unnecessary excessive heat.